Iceland Trip Day 3: Boarding the Ship

Today we did some more exploring in Reykjavik that included going to the top of a church to see a view of the town.  We boarded the ship around 2 pm for a 4 pm departure.  We then met with the restaurant manager to talk about each of our dietary restrictions.  We then each looked at a menu to decide what we would have for dinner.  I am glad that meals will be easier on the boat than before.  After the mandatory safety drill we walked around and toured the ship.  This helped us learn were we would be eating our meals and hanging out during the cruise.  Along the way we stopped to play some checkers and chess.

Soon after walking around it was time for our first dinner onboard.  We had to clarify that I couldn’t have any sauces because of my ketogenic diet, but other than that there were no issues.  After we finished dinner we decided on our food for tomorrow’s dinner so that they could make sure our choices worked with each of our food restrictions.  After dinner we each went to our rooms for a good nights sleep.  However the rockiness of the boat made it difficult for me to sleep.


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