Iceland Trip Day 5: At Sea

Today we were mostly on the cruise ship as we were going to Seydisfjordur.  We just relaxed as we played cards and explored the boat.

We toured the cruise ship bridge and learned more about the boat.  We learned that the rockiness of the boat was a 5% tilt and that the officer had seen a 25% tilt that is much worse.

We also got to tour the galley or the kitchen on the boat.  We saw the different stations that they use to prepare meals.  We learned about how they have to prepare months ahead in order to have enough food for the guest on the cruise.  The chef who was giving the tour also told us about his culinary background and how he enjoys working on smaller cruises more than larger ones, since it makes it easier for him to get to know the people that he works with.

There was even a killer whale spotting on the boat that caused many people to go outside to look for it and try to get a picture of it.

Later in the night after we docked we went to a church to hear some Icelandic music.  Then we went over to a museum before going back to the cruise ship for the night.


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