Iceland Trip Day 10: Leaving the Ship and The Golden Circle 

This morning we got up early in order to leave the boat by 8:30.  We got off of the boat and rented a car to go visit some more sights near Reykjavik.  We went through the sights known as the golden circle.

We went to the sight where Iceland declared its independence from Denmark.  We saw the Geyser that the word Geyser came from.  While it is no longer an active Geyser there is another Geyser there that is still active and goes off about every 5 to 10 minutes.

We saw the Gulfoss waterfall which is one of the largest waterfalls that I saw during this vacation.  Some people even wanted to build a power plant next to it to use it for electricity, but they didn’t do so because it had already become a tourist attraction and many people were against it.

Our last stop was a visit to Kerio crater lake.  They charge around four dollars per person which we thought was weird since none of the other stops charged any money.  Maybe they needed the money for stairs or to pay the person who collected to money?

IMG_0506 (1)

We then drove back to the town of Reykjavik near our hotel to go to dinner and do some shopping.  We went to dinner at a new restaurant that was not even open a week ago when we were here before getting on the cruise ship.


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