The Flash Season 4 Premier

This episode started off just like I expected with Team Flash trying to continue on without Barry.  They are able to defeat Peekaboo with the combined effort of Kid Flash and Vibe.  However once a Samuroid appears and asks for the Flash they struggle to deal with it.  Then Cisco reveals that he has been working on a plan to get Barry back from the speed force.

Once Cisco tries to use his device to get Barry back it appears to not work, until Barry shows up 300 miles away.  However once the see him they realize that he is sounding crazy and not making sense.  After trying to decide what to do to snap him out of it Iris decides to get herself captured by the Samuroid knowing that Barry will rescue her.  When Barry is running to rescue her the rest of the team realizes that the flash is running way faster than before.

After Barry rescues Iris he is back to normal, but doesn’t remember anything since he had left the speed force.  We are then introduced to the Thinker who is going to be the villain of the season.

I think it is interesting that they introduced him in the first episode of the season instead of waiting like they have in the past few seasons.  I think it will also be interesting to see what new powers the Flash discovers and which of these new powers can also be used by Wally or are just isolated to him.  This episode showed that they are trying to take the show in a less dark direction with even more jokes in the episode.