10 Benefits of Swimming Laps

10. Improves lung capacity

9. Burns more calories than jogging

8. Improves blood sugar and blood pressure control

7. Works more muscles than other exercises

6. Less stress on your body than other exercises

5. Improves muscle tone and strength

4. Improves flexibility

3. Improves heart health

2. Helps with weight control

1. Improves brain by replacing cells lost through stress


Ten Benefits of Listening to Music

I like to listen to music a lot throughout the day and this has made me wonder about its benefits.  Here are ten interesting benefits of listening to music.

10. Makes you happier

9. Improves running and biking

8. Improves post workout recovery

7. Improves sleep

6. Improves anxiety and depression

5. Improves blood vessel function

4. Certain music can improve seizures

3. Helps with Alzheimer’s or dementia

2. Reduces eating

1. Reduce pain