Destiny 2

Although I only played Destiny for a few hours after noticing that you could quickly skip to level 40, I decided to buy Destiny 2 in order to play it with some friends.  I started playing on Wednesday when it was released.  So far I have enjoyed playing and leveling up as I do so.  The game is even more enjoyable when playing with a group of friends.  From what I have heard about the first Destiny game, this one has a much better story.


Madden 18 2nd Review

This is a follow up to my previous review on Madden 18 that I did last week.  I have now been able to play Madden 18 for a little more than a week.

I have now played many more ultimate team challenges.  I like that this year many of the challenges are quick instead of a full game.  Some of the challenges even add players to your team and have you play as a specific team.

I have also played a little in franchise mode.  It is pretty similar to previous years with just a few more added features.  One feature is that the game ticker at the bottom of the screen has more details and the commentators will even talk about other games going on at the same time as yours.