New 3 on 3 Basketball for Olympics

Last Friday the IOC or International Olympic Committee announced that 3 on 3 basketball is going to be an Olympic sport starting in 2020 at Tokyo.  It is going to be in a tournament format for both men and women.  Each game will be played using only half of the court and with a 12 second shot clock.  The scoring goes by ones and twos for a single 10 minute period.  The game ends when one team scores 21 points or when the 10 minutes is over.  Since it is 3 on 3 each team has 4 players with 3 playing on the court and 1 on the bench.

I think it will be interesting to see how many players from the NBA and WNBA are willing to participate.  I imagine people like LeBron James and Kevin Durant won’t want to play.  It will also be fun to see if the USA is able to dominate in 3 on 3 basketball like they do in regular basketball.