NBA Finals Games 3 – 5

Game 3 continued to be much of the same as game 1 and 2 with Kevin Durant scoring 31 points on the way to another Warriors victory.  Klay Thompson and Steph Curry each also chipped in with 30 points and 26 points respectively.  Of course LeBron James led the Cavaliers with 39 points and Kyrie Irving supported him with 38 points.

Game 4 was much different with Klay Thompson and Steph Curry only scoring 11 and 13 points each.  This enabled the Cavaliers to win their first game in the series with Lebron James scoring 31 points and Kyrie Irving leading the team with 40 points.

Game 5 went back to normal for this series with the Warriors winning the series behind Kevin Durant’s 39 points and Steph Curry’s 34 points.  LeBron James still managed to score 41 points, but it was not enough for them to repeat last years performance and repeat as champions.



New 3 on 3 Basketball for Olympics

Last Friday the IOC or International Olympic Committee announced that 3 on 3 basketball is going to be an Olympic sport starting in 2020 at Tokyo.  It is going to be in a tournament format for both men and women.  Each game will be played using only half of the court and with a 12 second shot clock.  The scoring goes by ones and twos for a single 10 minute period.  The game ends when one team scores 21 points or when the 10 minutes is over.  Since it is 3 on 3 each team has 4 players with 3 playing on the court and 1 on the bench.

I think it will be interesting to see how many players from the NBA and WNBA are willing to participate.  I imagine people like LeBron James and Kevin Durant won’t want to play.  It will also be fun to see if the USA is able to dominate in 3 on 3 basketball like they do in regular basketball.